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June 19, 2020
on Employee Stories
Gilang, June 19, 2020 on Employee Stories
Raymundus Jati: Enrolling in Bank BTPN Acceleration Program

Hi! for those who are planning or currently applying at Bank BTPN Full Stack Engineer Development Program (CHiP #6). I am here to share my personal experience as a trainee and prospective acceleration employee at Bank BTPN!

So, what makes it different? Between acceleration and regular employees? One of them is the selection process.

Honestly, I have enrolled in several similar management trainee programs. But I must say that the process in Bank BTPN is much straightforward compared to other banks.

The process involved is something like this:
CV Screening → Online Coding Test → Online / On-Site Tech & HR Interview → Medical Checkup → Offering


So, why don't we cut the chase and let's dive into the details on each step:

1. CV Screening
Submitting your updated CV's to the recruiter is the first step. There are actually 3 different paths for you to be on the top lists:

1.Referral from previous CHiP program friends,
2.Via the job portal such as Kalibrr or LinkedIn,
3.Via the official Bank BTPN website,

Getting a referral from your friend is, of course, the best course of action you can take. But that does not mean that you will pass the CV screening!

To pass, your CV must be in details, straightforward, and the recruiter can easily see your skills and abilities. As for myself, I'm not really good at making CVs. Luckily, I have a girlfriend who happened to be a recruiter from one of the FMCG companies, and she helped me a lot in developing the details needed in the CV.

If the recruiter deemed you to be within their qualification, they would inform you about the next step of the recruitment process. So, make sure you include your contact numbers; such as mobile number and email address in your CV, so you can be contacted easily.

2. Online Coding Test
Honestly, I was somewhat surprised that I could pass this stage, as my coding skill was just basic at best. The language was mostly in Java. I cannot remember whether it was in Java SE or other versions though.

The Online Test will be done via Hackerrank, and you will have 3 days to complete the challenge. DO NOT OPEN THE LINK IF YOU ARE NOT READY TO WORK ON IT!. The link will expire in 3 days, but the test itself must be done within 2 hours! So, make sure you are ready before you click on the link provided.

The challenge itself is actually pretty basic, but if you are not familiar with Java, you probably will have a hard time finishing it. In my time, it was mostly about if-else logic, data structure, and encryption. I can't guarantee that the challenge would be the same, but learn more about Java just in case.
If you pass this stage, you will be contacted again by the recruiter to be informed about the next step.

3. Online/On-Site Tech & HR Interview
This step is one of the unique parts in Bank BTPN recruitment process. You have an option to do the interview the traditional way, or via online. You can even choose whether to be interviewed in Bahasa or English. Anyway, it is good news for you who live outside Jabodetabek, or if you have time limitation because of your current job and all. You can also negotiate with the recruiter to set the best time for the interview.

Tech & HR Interviews are usually conducted at the same time. There are three people who you will be answering to; Head/Tech Lead, Trainer, and Head of Talent. If you are lucky enough to be interviewed by the Head of Tech, then you should prepare for a case study presentation. As a tip, make your case study in English because not all the heads in Bank BTPN are Indonesian.

As for the technical interview, you will be doing something like a Live Coding. You will be given about 15 minutes to solve each problem. While the question itself is quite simple, the best thing to do is not panicking and try your best to solve it within the time frame. Even if you are not familiar with the programming language, you can still use pseudocode to solve it. After that, you are required to explain your logic and thought process from your answer.


Finishing the first part of the interview means that you will be faced with the HR department right now. If they think that your previous interview is not satisfactory enough, you will get another chance to answer one more question. Quite lovely, isn't it?

HR interview is like your average everyday interview. You will be asked to describe yourself and everything related to what you wrote on your CV. In these interviews, they will be focusing on your learning process, problem-solving ability, daily activities, achievement, and also your communication skill. The most important thing here is how good you sell yourself to the interviewer. So, pump up those communication skills!

Finished with all the interview? You will be given the result within 2 weeks after your last interview. Based on my experience, if you are not contacted by the recruiters for more than three days after the interview, just assume you did not pass this stage. Otherwise, you will be contacted and given the details about the benefits of the program you have applied to. So, prepare pen and papers to note because the offer will not be sent through email.

4. Medical Check-up
The next step would be a medical check-up (considering you pass all the stages up to this point). They will schedule your check-up with partner clinic. Last time I got tested at Bio Test Clinic, Menteng. The process itself was FAST! I did mine in less than an hour! Which consisted of blood check, x-rays, and consultation with a doctor.

In around 3 working days, you will be contacted by the recruiter to inform you whether you pass the medical check-up or not. After that, it is offering time!

5. Offering Letter
Yup! this is the last step! It might be pretty intimidating with a lot of texts, regulations, etc. But here are a few things that you might need to read carefully:

1.The duration of the programs and the responsibility you must fulfill when you pass the programs.

2.Your rights and benefits by joining their Acceleration Programs,

Do rewrite or photograph your responsibility, rights, and benefits that you will get. I cannot precisely describe each of the benefits, because you know, it is confidential. The point is, the benefits themselves are very competitive compared to other similar programs. You can take my word for it!

All the combined process from registration to offering letter is less than 1 month! Compared to others which can take more than one month, this is definitely faster!

If you need a referral from me, you can always contact me via LinkedIn. I will be more than happy to recommend to you if your CV is astounding! 

Good luck, and if you have any questions, just comment on this thread! 


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