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Nadia Selo Adji : 3 Minutes CV Makeover to Instantly Wins Your Dream Job

You know very well that almost every recruiter out there receives around thousands of job applications in a day. What you might not be aware of is the fact that recruiters only spend less than 30 seconds to read a CV because they have a lot in their hands. 

We, recruiters, understand that submitting your CV online may feel like sending it off to the great unknown. Where the big question of “Will recruiters ever read my profile?” would instantly pop up. The answer is, yes, they would read them. But, only those who manage to win their attention. 

So here comes the biggest question of all… how do you stand out from thousands of competing applicants? 

How about we share 4 major tricks on how to tailor your CV for each role you’re applying for?

1. Define your target audience

Think of the company where your targeted recruiters work. Ask yourself the following questions to help you craft the right message:

- Is this a small start-up or a large, established corporation?
- What are the jargons of the industry?
- What problem is this job-solving?
- Which parts of my background would be the most interesting to the hiring team?

2. Define your unique value proposition

Remember that you are competing with a hundred applicants for the same job. To stand out, try to offer a unique combination of skills, experiences and characteristics that make you different from other candidates. 

Begin with thinking about the qualities that separate you from your friends, colleagues and other potential candidates. Keep it personal, this what tells the unique story of you. 
Also, make sure to tailor your value proposition based on the role and company that you are applying for. 

3. Learn the job, deep-dive if necessary

Pay attention to the following questions while reading the job descriptions:

- What skills are they looking for?
- What are the daily responsibilities?
- What are the job requirements?

You don’t have a book to write, you only have a maximum of one page to write on. This is where spotting the right keywords will come in handy. Try to craft the story of your experience based on keywords that are stated in the job requirements. The more they match, the higher the chance your CV will be identified by the robot (read: Applicant Tracking System). 

4. Define your key accomplishments

When writing a CV, applicants tend to go overboard with the use of empty phrases like “hardworking individual”, “dedicated team-player” or “strategic thinker”.  

Consider the following questions to highlight your measurable achievements:
- What problems have you solved?
- How did you overcome issues within the team’s project? How did you solve conflicts between team members?
- How did you manage your projects on time?

This way, recruiters would be able to see and measure how candidates perform and produce results. 

You’ve done the hard part; now make sure your CV is presented in a clean and straightforward layout, concise writings with consistent information.

Last but never the least, always review your CV before sending it off. 
You are now ready to set off for the race. Best of luck for the job search!


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