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August 04, 2020
on Employee Stories
Gilang, August 04, 2020 on Employee Stories
Dininta Isnurthina : A Self Development Journey with CHIP#4

Currently, we have entered The Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0), as technology has become our basic necessities. Therefore, it comes to no shock that every company is putting in their best effort to launch the latest technology to support its products. So, no wonder that a lot of IT workers are needed to help companies to develop the latest technology. With that in mind, does it make any more comfortable for IT fresh graduates to hop on their first job with all these vast demands from companies of IT workers?

With this, we will tell you about Dini’s experience, a fresh graduate from Universitas Sriwijaya that has become one of the trainees at CHIP #4 (Full Stack Engineer Development Program). A program which is specially made for them who are skilled in IT and wants to develop their skill and experience any further.

Do you agree that fresh graduates often face the dilemma of trying to get their first job or to continue their studies at a higher level? But not for Dini. For her, being a programmer is something that she has been passionate about ever since she was a kid, which makes her highly confident about continuing her study.

She dedicated a year to prepare herself to take a scholarship test to sponsor her study. Despite her effort and time that she has poured into developing herself, she did not pass the scholarship test. Which makes her more focused on looking for her first job.

At that time, a lot of job openings are open to the technology sector, but the competition was also very fierce. “As an IT fresh graduate, I admit that a lot of job vacancies are looking for IT graduates, but the competition was also very intense. I believe skill and portfolio are essential. It is quite difficult for IT graduates without the relevant skill and portfolio can enter the industry.”

Until finally Dini was exposed to a piece of information that says Bank BTPN has a CHIP program. “I kind of expected that the program was a management trainee program, but specifically for IT, which sets this apart from any other programs.” That was Dini’s first impression when she first learned about the program. After she read some more about the program, Dini felt that the program is suitable for her as she’s a fresh graduate with no real experience.

“After spending my time looking at the details about the program, I felt that this program suits my needs as a fresh graduate. And after I join the program, I dare to say that this program is very suitable and different from any other similar programs.”

The 3 main aspects that set apart CHIP from any other programs, according to Dini. Are you curious?

Material that supports Self-development

During Dini’s time on the CHIP program, she felt that one of the most unique things about the program is that the materials that are given in the program are different from any other companies. She heard from the experiences of her colleagues that the CHIP program discussed material more deeply and the skills had more impact on self-development.

“In terms of material offered by the program, I’m proud to say that this is the best IT acceleration program. Aside from the materials, the assessment standards and assignments are also excellent.”

“One of the materials that set apart CHIP from other programs is that at Bank BTPN, we undergo something that is called Bootcamp. It is an 8-weeks program before the trainees are finally placed on a project. At Bootcamp, we were given materials about coding, pair programming, and test-driven development. Every day, we will be given a case and asked for the solution of the case. In my opinion, Bootcamp is highly recommended for everyone who doesn’t have any work experiences.”

Dini also said that Bootcamp is not only focused on developing hard skills, but also soft skills. This is what distinguishes CHIP from other programs. “We were also given materials to hone our soft skills. For 2 weeks, we were given materials about 7 habits of successful people, design thinking, presentation, banking fundamentals, and personal empowerment. The articles are very complete, unlike what tech college thought us.

Supportive mentors

The second aspect that makes the CHIP program special is the mentors. CHIP mentors are very understanding of each other, between mentors and trainees.

“My batch is the first one to receive mentoring from CHIP #1. Having a mentor helps me to relate even better as they had experienced what I was experiencing. I feel that there is no gap between the trainees and the mentors. Which makes it easier for us trainees to talk if we’re having any difficulties or need any feedbacks. “This can be one of the strong points of CHIP. The relationship between trainees and mentors is not limited to teaching.”

Cultivating curiosity

Well, you could say that the third aspect is the result of the planned materials and executed consistently. One of the constant events that the CHIP program offers is CHIP Talk, starting from Bootcamp until the day the trainees are assigned to their own respective projects.

“Since the Bootcamp days, we have been accustomed to hold CHIP Talk at every meeting. Where there will be 2 trainees giving a presentation about topics that have not been given. So, inevitably trainees have to find out and learn by ourselves to be able to present the topic.”

“Some people might find CHIP Talk troublesome, but strangely, we see this as something interesting. Because it is challenging, and it’s a new way of learning. After we started doing CHIP Talk, I realized that the most effective way to learn something is when we teach something to others. Of course, at first, we think it’s a hassle. Still, as time goes by, the topics given are getting more interesting, our curiosity grows, and the discussion became deeper.”

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