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BTPN Admin
August 06, 2019
on Career Tips
BTPN Admin, August 06, 2019 on Career Tips
What You Should Do On Your First Day at Work

We understand that the first day of work can be memorable, but it could also be stressful.

After a tedious process of applying for the job, written test (probably), interview, and final offering, you will possibly exhaust all the energy to step inside your new workplace. Most of us remember our first day because of our intense pressure on wanting to impress other co-workers. They said the first day would set the tone of the rest of your career with those who you will be interacting with.

So here are some guidelines for you to be outstanding on your first day!

1. Prepare and Ask Question
Ask if there is something that you didn't understand. Be careful to not to ask too many questions though, we know you are eager to show your passion for learning about the work, but you have plenty of time to master your work.

2. Show up Early
Always shows up 15 minutes earlier. Get a hang on your travel time so you could prepare for the unknown.

3. Take it Easy!
Slow down! Don't rush on work too much. Try to relax; it will help you to get more productive on your first day.

4. Smile and Make Friends
Smile often, be friendly, shake their hands, and introduce yourself. Having friends will help you cope with  stress, and offer them help. Remember a little good-will goes a long way.

One of the most invaluable insights you can get early on is how the department operates from the perspective of your peers.

5. Be Professional
There will be a time where you can casually walk around with your coffee mug, or tell the latest jokes you heard from your football friends last night. For starters, take a conservative approach in how you dress and what you say and do.

6. Don't Turn Down Lunch.
If you're offered to have lunch with your new boss and co-workers, go! It's essential to show that you're ready to mingle with your new team.

7. Listen and Observe
Listen and take notes, so you can grasp a bigger picture of how the company works.

8. Project High Energy
You will be observed more in your early days from an external standpoint. Your attitude and work ethic are most visible now, as no one has had a chance to evaluate your work skills just yet.

Everyone wants to work with enthusiastic, upbeat people – so let them know that this is exactly what they can expect from you.

9. Learn the Professional Rules
On your first day, your employer will have a description of your responsibilities – either written or verbal. This is what you should do to be successful at your job.

10. Put Your Mobile on Silent, Show Interest
Show you are all about work! This way, you can have more time on your hands to make new acquaintances and get to know them better.

11. Body Language, People!
Your body language makes up the majority of your communication in the workplace. Assess what you're communicating to understand better how others may perceive you and make any necessary adjustments.

12. Don't Judge Anyone or Anything Too Early
Yes, first impressions are often accurate and can be hard to ignore – but you should give everyone (and everything) a chance. Try to keep an open mind and maintain a positive attitude.

13. Be Available
You want to make sure you're accessible to your new boss first and foremost, despite all the administrative distractions. On your first day of work, check in with your manager throughout the day.

14. Express Your Gratitude
Thank anyone who helped you get acclimated throughout the day. Thank your new boss again for allowing you to join their team.

15. There are Unwritten Laws in Every Company
Take time to learn any unwritten laws, for instance, find out who wash the dishes in the sink, or which shelves are communal.

16. Don't Skip Training Sessions.
You may be required to attend a few training sessions or orientation on day one. Whatever you do, don't skip them. Plus, these sessions will help bring you up to speed, and if you skip them, you may quickly fall behind.

17. Leave with a Good Attitude
The last thing to remember is that while the first day at a new job is very important, you shouldn't be too hard on yourself if it doesn't go flawlessly.


Original Article from BusinessInsider

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