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Tri Utami : 4 Tips for digital talent interview.

An interview is one of the most intense parts of the job application process! So in this opportunity, I will share some useful tips for you who will face the interview process in the near future, especially in the digital field. Now, prepare yourself to get the most fantastic interview moment of your life!

Know Your Skill Set!
By knowing what strengths and abilities that you have, you can make it easier for the interviewer to see the best part of you and whether the position offered is suitable for you. Mentioning your strength with confidence can become your primary selling point. So, knowing and keep honing your skill further is the right thing to do.

Do your research about the company's product!

Nothing frustrates a hiring manager more than sitting down to interview someone for a job and he or she has no knowledge about the company. No matter how impressive your resume looks, if you know nothing about the company it shows that you haven't taken the time to learn about them. For example, the company has a reputation for serving its customers well and the quality of its products or services are considered top notch.  By knowing this, you can demonstrate during your interview how the company’s qualities are important to you and how they align with your beliefs. This helps to ensure that you get noticed.

Be on time and display a professional attitude
It may seem like a small thing, but attitude does play a significant role in scoring that job you want. Be polite, arrive on time, dress nicely. That way, your soon-to-be employer can see that you are a disciplined person with a great attitude.

Relax and be Yourself
Indeed, an interview can be nerve-wracking and most of the time you will be so tense to answer interviewer questions. Keep your calm and always be your very best. That way, you can keep your head clear and answer the questions more accurately. As for your technical knowledge? Here in Bank BTPN we have a different session to test your technical prowess.

These are quick tips for today's digital talents! For you, friends, who are in the process of applying for your dream job, don't forget to try what you learned here today. Good luck!

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