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BTPN Admin
September 05, 2019
on Employee Stories
BTPN Admin, September 05, 2019 on Employee Stories
Indra Charisma: Connect with Others, and Goes Beyond Your Limit

It is no secret that at some point in our life, we have to start walking out from the comfort of our home and parents' support. That is one of the reasons that we need to have friends and be able to connect with other people we meet along the journey if we want to get things done in the right way.

Born and raised in Tangerang, I never knew what I wanted to do after graduating high school. Engineering was one of the options that I considered to pursue, but thinking back, I did like computers and IT stuff, so I went to one of the tech universities in Medan. At that time, I simply enrolled without thinking about anything else.

Medan's culture was quite different from Java, and truthfully, it shocked me. How they communicated with each other and the way they spoke, were all new to me, and sometimes they created some misunderstandings between us. So I thought I had to be able to change and adjust to my new environment. Well, long story short, I could eventually understand people better.

"If you want to walk fast, walk alone. If you want to walk far, walk together," was what my friend said to me while in university. During that time, we had a lot of spare time, besides working on the assignment or studying for exams. It got me thinking, why not create a game developer club to make better use of our spare time? So, we went from one game competition to another, even though we never once won, we kept on going and never gave up. Not when we had each other's supports to keep moving forward. No matter how far the destination was, as long as I had friends beside me, we could take on any journey.

One day, a gaming company in Bandung took notice of our efforts and invited us to develop games together with them. Of course, we said YES right away! That's the first recognition that we received throughout our journey, and YES, we finished developing a game of our own.

From that experience, even after graduating from CHIP Batch 2, I firmly believe that connecting with others, networking, and more importantly, finding friends is a must.


I had a "unique" type of friend in my class, who was struggling to hold a conversation. You would only get "Yes" or "No" answers from him. Then I realized, maybe I needed to adjust my approach to him and started bringing up entertaining topics from my side to break the ice and build trust between us. Today, you will see us talking endlessly about any subject!

Like everyone in that class, he was exceptionally skilled in coding. I admit that, when I first joined CHIP class, I thought I was the best in the field. Knowing full well that I graduated from IT major, won a game development competition, and even developed my own game. I must say, I have never been so wrong before. My skill certainly fell behind my classmates. Instead of feeling down, I accepted it as a challenge to continuously improve myself by learning from my colleagues and mentors so I could be as good as, or even better than them.


Through those experiences, I learned how to deal and communicate with others. Interacting with other people is necessary because if you can't communicate, you can't connect, and if you can't connect, you can't get things done. But most importantly, you won't have a friend or partner to work with.

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