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BTPN Admin
November 10, 2019
on Employee Stories
BTPN Admin, November 10, 2019 on Employee Stories
Cindy Putri: Making Positive Impact for the Society

Hi! My name is Cindy. I want to tell you how grateful I am to be a part of BTPN's Corporate Acceleration Program (CAP). It isn't just because there are lots of programs that helped me to develop myself, but because it has deep connections with my humanitarian side.

So, here's my story!


I was a fresh graduate from one of the state universities when I first applied for the CAP program in BTPN. Assigned to a project that is closely related to my experience, It was fascinating! Our team was under the BTPN Sharia project, assigned in one of the villages in Indonesia. Here we experienced assisting people in paying their installment, serving customers, and also learn how to keep up our service quality. Even though we have to go through the rough landscape on a motorcycle to get here, we enjoy every minute of it.

Mind you, that this is not my first humanitarian rodeo! During my years at University, I went on a social visit that took place in Kulon Progo. Here we have the chance to help locals addressing some issues. Like, for example; health, entrepreneurship skills (farming catfish is fun!), preserving plants and supporting administration task.

We are one big family here, the bond we share, is easily the most beautiful thing we have experienced so far. It teaches you about humility more than any school can do.


It is undoubtedly not an easy task to be able to graduate from BTPN Corporate Acceleration Program (CAP). One reason is that we need to work and finish a lot of projects, which of course, tired us out to the bone. One of the reasons that we can pull it through is because we have a fantastic mentor who supports and guide us through all the assignment. Meet Mr. Hadi; he was a very enthusiastic person and always keen to get things done. He spares his time to talk and discuss a lot of things with his three mentees, with a catch, that we must be diligent in our work. His calm and fun demeanor help us to communicate with him easier. The range of topics can both be about work, or even about personal matters. For me, he looks quite like my old high school English debate mentor, who is both tenacious and competitive.

I remember my high school mentor said: "Win until even the blind could see it.". It means that, If you want to stand on top and be number one, then you must show people that you deserve the spot. Roll up your sleeve, put on your best effort from the beginning till the end. If you fail, rise, and keep on trying, never give up until you do reach the top. Keep on learning, keep on giving your best, and while doing that, don't forget to create an impactful contribution to your surroundings.


In CAP, you don't wait for the project to be given to you. You have to search and look for the opportunity to contribute more. This kind of culture sparks healthy competition among our team, to see who can create a more positive impact on the given tasks. We never strong-arm or boss each other around. Instead, we collaborate to achieve the best result possible.

All those projects helped me to be a better person through self-optimization. For example, I have more confidence in my decision-making skills that focused primarily on time management. I can now asses my improvement from one project to another and to be more conscious about myself and my surroundings.

I believe that if you want to be on top, you have to persevere and give all you've got. Show the world that you deserve the spot. "Win until even the blind could see it." Be sure always to engage in a healthy competition, and don't forget to be thankful for everything that life has given to us.

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