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Applying For a Job You Love? Read These 7 Effective Secrets To Get Hired!

Attracting recruiter in the hiring process is like making a guy (or girl) fall in love with you: Not easy. But as you may know, everything in this world has a pattern. All you need to do is read it and master the secrets. So, here are 7 most effective secrets to get hired in any kind of job you are about to apply!

1. Know Your Target & Be Prepared
Never attend a job interview with empty-handed. It doesn't only mean bringing your portfolios & other requirements they asked but also stock up your knowledge about them first. Try to get to know what kind of company, job, and even recruiter you will be facing, and prepare yourself. The more you take your time, the more comfortable and confident you'll be when it is your turn to present.

2. Conquer Their Heart
Each company has a different angle in judging their candidates. Some love people who can work under the tight deadline, some prefer those who can still chill & mingle with others. Your task is to learn about their possible questions! Acknowledge which type of person they need for the role they are offering, and prepare your best genuine answers to meet their expectation. You can also strengthen your answers with your personal experiences.

3. Dress To Success
Your skills and speech may be impressive, but they won't help much if you don't physically show your recruiters that you are comitted to the job. This means you have to dress up properly according to the company's dresscode. But dressing up is only half the job, you also need to make sure to eliminate unpleasant body odour, brush your teeth, clean and trim your fingernails, shave facial hair, cut your hair, and use cologne/perfume but don't go overboard on it. Because recruiters can get overwhelmed and might not think to hire you if too much cologne is used.

4. No Last Minute
It doesn't only create an excellent first impression for the recruiter, it's also beneficial for you. Arrive at the venue ten to fifteen minutes earlier will provide you more time to observe and get used to your surroundings. Be sure to tidy up yourself before!

5. Max Yet Relax
Some of us are born to get nervous easily. Especially under a stressful situation, such as meeting a stranger & get interviewed by them. The key is to keep focus! Maintain your eye contact with the recruiter, and if you feel you're about to panic, take a deep breath, and slow down. Sometimes, it's good to lighten yourself up before an interview, by making yourself feel confident. Like for example, succeeding at something before the interview, this makes you feel more confident that you can conquer this interview.

6. Follow-Up Guys!
Once the interview is done, say thank you to your interviewers for sparing some time to hear you present yourself. Wrap your interview with a strong statement that shows how passionate you are about the role they offer and remember you're also allowed to ask them when they will get back to you. If the recruiter looks busy and hasn't contacted you yet, try sending thank you emails within two or three days. It serves as a reminder for them that you still waiting for their answer.

7. Practice Makes Perfect
It's never a bad idea to come prepared, especially for a job interview. Practice with a friend who at least knows a thing or two about recruitment. Keep doing this regularly until the time comes for your interview. 

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