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7 Legit Resume Writing Hacks That Will Land You A Job

Can you imagine how many resumes received by recruiters each day?

Within tens of thousands of applications they received, the important question you should ask yourself is, 'does my resume stand out from the rest?', 'how to make them interested and consider me to be their candidate?'.

Follow these 7 legit resume-writing hacks that totally works and makes you stand above the others in your quest for future employment!

1. Own the Battlefield
First things first, always pay attention to the description of the job you're about to apply. Do not, once again, DO NOT make the mistake of writing for the wrong job position or even the wrong company in your cover letter.

It's actually easier to make one general resume template, you can then customize and adjust it to suit your target company's needs. Don't forget to read the job requirements before deciding what skills to highlight. 

2. Be Professional
Many people forget about this: Writing proper body email or cover letter. Never leave the body or cover blank. Fill it with warm & passionate words that show how much you are interested in joining them.

3. Simple
As mentioned before, your recruiter usually receives thousands of letters each day. Considering that, they only have a short time to skim the list. Put the simplest yet the most attractive sentences in your resume. Make your resume clean and clear to read, be sure to avoid using jargon, it does not make you look smarter.

4. Easy to Read
Besides the array of fancy words, you need to pay attention when choosing the type of font you used. Only use the formal one that's easy to read and also remember to set a proper margin & space. 

5. Highlight Your Most Relevant Achievements
Time is money, especially for the recruiter in most companies. If you have so many things to put in your resume, make sure you only write down ones that relevant to the job you're applying. Highlight the most related achievements that are provenly measurable. Remember, they only care about things they seek, not your whole life story. Do you think you got more to share? Politely ask whether they're up for a phone call.

6. Emphasize Your Uniqueness
If you are applying for a job in the creative or dynamic industry, it's essential to not only think about the content but also how it looks. Your resume can be stand-out and get more attention with more polishment. Now, there are many free fancy templates you can use and retouch for the look of your resume. Use the one that represents yourself the most. 

7. Final Proof-Read is Important!  
Once everything is set, don't forget to proof-read it. You can do it by yourself or ask someone to proof-read it.

If you choose to do it yourself, take a break, come back some hours or even one day after you write it so that you can see it in a new light. Improve and make necessary correction until you feel its good to go.


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