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About Acceleration
Start your journey to excellences with real-world experiences!
Cultivate your experience and skills, all while doing works that matters!
We opened up our door for those creative and motivated students looking for real experiences! Challenge your determination and jump right on to real-work environment with a real problem to solve.
The best way to develop both of your skills and experiences!
Learn find out the best version of yourself during your internship challenging projects and assignments.
Explore your career path and gain constructive feedback from BTPN Internship seniors and mentors.
Gain work-related experiences within agile environment while growing your professional network
Internship Vacancies
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Job Title
Jenius Internship – Story Teller
Create and develop stories and copy for creative and communication material for marketing purpose, Develop unique, new concepts, creative approach for marketing program, Determine how best to present a concept verbally, Determine which copy, verbal articulation, and element to use
Creative advertising, English literature, Marketing communication
Jenius Internship - Software Developer
Designing and develop software system, Produce clean, efficient code based on requirements, Do research and analyzing information based on requirements, Create technical documents
Computer Science
Business Information Specialist
Seeking data and information from various reliable sources that meets the customer’s business needs, Analyze and structure the data and information to support customer’s business decision and business growth, Write the information into a format that is structured and easy to understand
Management, International Business, Finance
Graphic Designer
Create business infographics which will be sent to our staffs and customers, Create designs such as seminar invitations, flyers, and others, Make designs of lists of business articles to be sent to our staff and customers
DKV / Design Graphics
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