Internship in BTPN is the Only Real Experience You Need.

We opened up our door for those creative and motivated college students looking for real experiences! No more menial task, jump right on to real-work environment with a real problem to solve.

What are the differences?
Going for an internship in BTPN is not like any other. Here you will be pushed to learn by going directly into the core of the problem and solve it together with the team! Valuable skills come from real experience!
Number 1
Real Work Experience.
We put your problem-solving skills to the test. There is no easy way to gain experience besides step right up to it!
Number 2
Great Mentors.
You will be directly supervised by our amazing mentors, who will guide, tutors, and be your friend in your journey to excellence!
Number 3
Teammates and More!
When you join BTPN, you instantly become our precious friends. There is no newbie or rookie, we all in this together, as one big family.