Acceleration Program (CAP)

Perfect for the high-achievers, strategist, ones who like to innovate a new thing


This is not a typical management trainee program. This is us, believing that your generation can bring a new innovation to the industry and deliver a mission in your own unique way.

CAP is a management trainee program specially curated to prepare the future BTPN’s executive leaders. Through this program, your potentials will be maximised through:

  • Accelerated career progress to reach executive level
  • Substantial involvement in innovative projects that create impacts
  • 1-on-1 mentoring by our board of directors/management
  • Rigorous development that uniquely tailored with a master degree program

This program will hand you an impactful job in a company that has been creating real impact on the mass-market while delivering digital inventions.

What are the Requirements?


What Does the Recruitment Process Look Like?